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An antidote to cancel culture

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The next-gen media consumer wants to do more than like & share.

They’re clamoring to participate.

In democracy

In institutions

In their own lives

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We are a community-building app that helps people learn about issues that matter, form groups, meet others, and work together. We transform people's energy and ideas into civic power and sustained change.

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The company is doing this by leveraging machine learning, smart contracts, and value-based tokens to drive transparency and efficiencies into the marketplace for the benefit of citizens, non-profits organizations, and purpose-driven brands.

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Personalized recommendations for articles, learning, actions and organizations – delivered daily.


Learn about the issues ...and how to be part of the solution. Find News and information that matter most.

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Direct your energy and ideas into a single place. Gather relevant content and actions to your causes in a single board view and add a link in bio to connect your social bios to social issues. Save all your favorites in one place.